Influencer & Word of Mouth Marketing Specialists

We harness the power of consumer
influencers to generate positive word of
mouth for brands, products and services.

Contagious Consumer
Influencer Networks

Peer Influencers

Peer-to-peer Influencers reaching large personal
networks both online and offline.

Influencer Marketing

Uber Influencers

Very high reach social media influencers
connecting with large-scale audiences. 

Australian Bloggers

Our Services

Blogger outreach & partnerships

Blogger outreach
& Uber partnerships

Partner key social media influencers to create & integrate branded content, testimonials and product recommendations across their owned media platforms.

Word of mouth (WOM) product sampling

Social WOM

Engage thousands of peer influencers to trial & experience your product, then share genuine positive recommendations with the people they know.

Campaign promotion

Social Media Endorsements

Mobilise a team of target audience influencers to create social media images, videos or reviews, acting as endorsements for your products.

Content creation


Engage influencers to create
branded videos, blog posts,
social media content & more.

Influencer events


Profile & recruit influencers to
attend and promote your
brand events.

Long term advocate programs

Long term
advocate programs

Nurture your most passionate
customers with a strategic
advocacy program.

Why Word of Mouth Marketing?

Consumers rely on word of mouth
conversations & recommendations to
make purchasing decisions.

Word of mouth marketing provides an opportunity
for you to take control by harnessing the power of savvy consumer influencers to create thousands of authentic conversations and recommendations about your brand, product or service. These powerful conversations translate to credible on & offline exposure, invaluable evergreen online content and lead to direct sales
and long-term brand advocacy.

In an era where traditional media is becoming more and more saturated; consumer influencers help your brand to cut through
to your core target audience and deliver credible messages at the grassroots level.

  • australia

    WOM, recommendations and online consumer reviews are more trusted by consumers in the Asia Pacific region than any other form of media or advertising

    (Nielsen Australian Online Landscape Review March 2012)

  • australia

    Consumer recommendations
    are the primary factor behind
    20 – 50% of all
    purchasing decisions

    (McKinsey 2010)

  • australia

    consumer-to-consumer WOM generates more than twice the sales of paid advertising across
    multiple categories

    (McKinsey 2010)

  • australia

    92% of customers identify Word of Mouth as the best, most reliable and trustworthy source of ideas and information on products and services. This has increased 14% over the past 5 years as word of mouth increases in importance.

    (Nielsen, Global Trust in Advertising, 2012)

Peer Influencers

Uber Influencers

Contagious works with powerful connected Uber and blogger Influencers to help brands gain credibility, awareness and authority online. Uber Influencers can help your brand to reach thousands of highly engaged consumers in a credible online environment.

We have strong relationships with a broad range of Uber Influencers from multiple categories:

Mummy & Parenting
Mummy & Parenting
Home & Lifestyle
Home & Lifestyle
Design, DIY & Craft
Design, DIY & Craft
Fashion & Style
Fashion & Style
Urban Culture
Urban Culture
Health & Wellness
Health & Wellness
Special Interest
Special Interest
  • 61%

    of consumers have
    made a purchase based
    on a blog post

    (Source: BlogHer, 2012)

  • 92%

    of consumers trust recommendations from other people, even someone they don’t know, over brand content

    (Source: Nielson)

  • 81%

    of consumers trust advice and information from blogs

    (Source: BlogHer, 2012)

  • 37%

    retention rate is achieved when customers refer other customers

    (Source: Deloitte)

  • 77%

    of internet users read blogs

    (Source: IgniteSpot, 2013)

  • 74%

    of global marketers reported they will use ‘influencer marketing’ as part of their marketing strategy in the next 12 months

    (Source: Social Media Today)

To find out how your brand can work with Contagious Uber Influencers, contact us.

How it works

Word of Mouth Marketing Campaign

Who we work with

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